About Us

Amex was founded in 1992 by Ladislav Demčák and others as a PA - Sound Company to cater for the needs of emerging local Slovak and Czech bands.

Because of the conditions prevailing at that time, virtually all of the equipment required for touring sound reinforcement came from outside of the former communist block. The problems of hard currency acquisition to finance the import of the sound equipment led to the foundation of the other side of AMEX - the specialist manufacturing company.

Initially manufacturing was very varied and predominantly concentrated on either import substitution of particularly cost-effective local alternatives.

Both sides of the company grew steadily. The manufacturing side adjusted to changing international conditions by adapting its profile to that area where it saw a competitive advantage and the specialised metalwork increased. Exports grew, while at home the PA company became ever more successful and is today one of the very few East European sound companies to compete with Western competitors on an equal basis.

The time has come now for the next stage in the development of both businesses. As dynamic entities businesses cannot stand still and the time has come for a new phase of investment. Therefore AmexGrp was transformed to AmexLtd Mechanical parts and Amex Audio. These are now two distinct companies with strong management teams and a good position on the market.

These days

- AMEX manufacturing is a sheet metal engineering company with comprehensive in-house powder coating and screen printing facilities.

- The company owns its freehold buildings comprising (360sq m of workshop, 240 sq m of offices and 420sq m of storage) sitting on a freehold plot of land in a prime industrial area in the vicinity of Bratislava (some 60km along the Danube from Vienna)

- The company has its own range of metal parts sold through an established network of international distributors. These parts are predominantly orientated towards the sound and TV / video installation market.

- The company has an R&D team of computer literate engineering specialists able to assist in both product design and cost optimisation programmes.