Terms & Conditions

  1. General terms

All orders shall be placed in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

The Conditions apply only if the Customer is an entrepreneur, a legal entity under public law or a public law special fund.

If you are a private person, please, contact us through e-mail: office@amexgrp.sk and we will recommend you one of our dealers.

Only written orders are legally binding. Orders placed verbally, including by telephone, must be followed by written confirmation to become legally binding. The same applies to additional verbal side letters and amendments to the contract/order.

No remuneration is paid for the preparation, submission and presentation of offers or for bidding for tenders. The preparation of an offer does not create a right to claim an order.

As prices of steel or aluminium sheets are constantly raising, we reserve the right to change prices without any notice.

  1. Confidentiality

The supplier undertakes to hold all commercial, business and trade secrets, manufacturing processes and other commercial and business facts that came to its knowledge during activities carried out for us in strict confidence and to use it only for the purposes of the contract. The supplier shall impose corresponding conditions on its staff and its own subcontractors.

The contract’s existence shall also be treated as confidential. Disclosure of the commercial relationship with us requires our prior written authorisation.

  1. Prices, dispatch, packaging

Prices in our e-shop will be shown after we confirm your registration. After the registration you will be informed by an e-mail.

Or we can send you our price list if you request us.

The prices are excluding transport and packaging which will be listed in order confirmation. The prices are in Euro without 20% TAX which will be added only to foreign customers without VAT no. All customers who have VAT no. will not be tax charged, except Slovak customers.

Transport is not included in the prices of products. In case the customer wishes to get a transport quotation it must be in writing and then sent to our e-mail address office@amexgrp.sk. Transport price, if agreed will be added to the proforma invoice or invoice.

Our and customer´s order number shall be quoted on all the documentation (e.g. dispatch notifications, bills of freight, invoices and all correspondence).

The goods are packed in a way that damage in transport is avoided, of course under the conditions that a forwarder will keep our instructions mentioned on the goods (not stackable goods). Packaging materials shall only be used to the extent necessary to achieve this purpose.

  1. Invoicing and payment

Invoices shall be sent separately to customer´s postal address or an e-mail address in the proper form once despatch has been made, together with all associated documents and data (order number, including the item number listed on the order where relevant).

Payment shall be made in advance according proforma invoice which will be sent by us before despatching the goods.

  1. Cancellation fee

If an order has been canceled by the buyer after it has been confirmed by the seller and the pre-production process has been started, the buyer will recive a credit note with a cancellation fee. The amount in the credit note is the sum of the advance payment from which a cancellation fee will be deducted, depending on the type of products ordered.

If the order includes standard 19” racks and accessories the cancellation fee amount is 30%, if custom OEM products had been ordered the cancellation fee can be up to 50% of the advanced payment to cover all pre-production expenses.

  1. Claims

In the event of defective delivery, we request our customers to send us a claim in writing (e-mail) with pictures of defective goods with description what exactly is wrong or defective. Then we shall discuss next steps how to sort out the claim. The defective goods shall be replaced or payment shall be returned.

Note: In many cases of our customers claims there was a problem with their forwarder which did not keep our instruction for the transportation such as the goods was not stackable. To avoid such situation, please, inform your forwarder in advance that any of dispatched goods from us "ARE NOT STACKABLE". We recommend to conclude an transport insurance.

  1. Delivery dates, delays, force majeure

The agreed despatch dates are binding.

In case an agreed delivery date cannot be met for any reason, AMEX GRP s.r.o. must notify a customer of same immediately in writing and state the reasons and the expected period of delay.

  1. Warranty, guarantees

The warranty period shall be two years, except where expressly agreed otherwise. It starts with the supply of the delivered item to the customer.

  1. Registration & Ordering

Customer is allowed to put orders only once administrator activates the ordering feature. This is based on a company check and to prevent false orders.